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Team Cleaning Delivers Cost-Effective Service


The concept of “team” has great application in the business of cleaning. Team cleaning with elements of green cleaning is a combination of science, environmentally-friendly products, and systems implemented by specialists trained to deliver cost-effective service and a breath of fresh air.

Learning how to handle cleaning is one of the most important lessons you will learn in life. We take cleanliness for granted, but truth be told, it is the most important thing in your home. So, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you will have to not just invest in repairs and timely upgrades of your home but also in cleaning. There are many ways in which you can make it easier on your to keep your home cozy, clean and healthy, without actually doing it yourself. Which is exactly what we will be discussing today! If you are too tired after work, if you have no motivation or willingness to clean the home on your own, here is how you can make it easier on you and still have everything you need.


Healthy indoor environments lead to healthy, productive employees and greater overall efficiency. Effective cleaning reduces contagiousness. By eliminating the source of infection, the transmission chain is broken. The cleanliness of facility environments sends a “we care message.” The primary purpose of any cleaning and housekeeping program is to maintain and sustain a built environment which is healthy for occupants and which promotes, supports and enhances the purpose of the building and the activities carried out in the building.The evidence suggests that environmental conditions shape attitudes and eventually behavior, much like “topophilia,” human affinity for a particular location.Topophilia is the reason people remain in their built habitats. Those places to which people are most attracted have a common trait – cleanliness.

team-cleaningCleaning starts with a system.Most cleaning problems derive from poor systems, processes, and methods, not from your workforce. Even average employees can excel in an orderly, focused, systematized environment. In team cleaning, work is assigned by task, not by space. In space driven work (zone cleaning) the worker determines the quality. With team cleaning, the system drives the quality.

Team cleaning has four specialist positions: light duty (starter), vac (closer), restroom (sanitor) and utility.

A light duty specialist empties trash, captures (not just spread around) dust, cleans chalkboards/whiteboards, spot cleans and sends information to the vac specialist. Vac or vacuum specialists vacuum, reposition furniture and check the quality of the light-duty specialist and turns off lights. A restroom specialist removes trash, cleans and sanitizes fixtures and floors, fills dispensers and vacuums and mops tile floors. Utility specialists are highly flexible. Their job is spec driven. Some of their duties include vacuuming stairwells, cleaning brass, glass, blinds and carpets and doing periodic specialty services such as hard-surface floor work. Utility specialists also do other periodic detail work, distribute supplies, pull trash to the dumpster and sometimes act as a supervisor on the project.


An important part of team cleaning is the use of backpack vacuums, microfiber products, and other state-of the- art equipment and supplies. This is another area where green cleaning methods and products are used for an overall healthier building. It’s hard to believe, but a well-run team cleaning program allows you to decrease the number of cleaners in the building as compared to a zone cleaning system.

The obvious result is controlled labor costs through greater efficiency. The system has a built-in inspection element as the vac specialist follows the light-duty specialist through a well-planned out work-flow of a predetermined quadrant of the building. The system leaves nothing to chance as every job assignment is planned out and inspected every day. Routine cleaning (daily) is planned along with detail cleaning (weekly, monthly) into an organized, efficient system. This is particularly important in a day clean situation. Job cards map out daily work paths and time-frames and help keep specialists and supervisors on track.